About Think Tank

Think Tank produces bragworthy communications and marketing solutions for leading companies, and we do so while cultivating diversity within the industry.  In addition to our client work, we are a skills incubator for diverse professionals looking to retool and enter the communications and creative industries.  


A Diversity Challenge

Despite research showing the value and significance of diversity in the workforce, few people of color are communications and creative practitioners. In fact, 8.7% African-Americans, 15.3% Hispanics and 7.3% Asian-Americans have advertising, marketing and public relations jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 


How We Cultivate Diversity

Think Tank is correcting this imbalance by introducing diverse talent to new career paths and helping them transition into the industry. As opposed to traditional interns, Think Tank works with experienced professionals who possess transferrable skills (ie, a journalist looking to enter PR or a social media strategist wanting to become a copywriter). We match our seasoned project leads/subject matter experts with developing professionals and provide on-the-job learning experiences.

Think Tank is a subsidiary of Colorful Connections, a social enterprise committed to transforming the look of the creative and communications industry to reflect the modern consumer market.

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